Flight Journal Issue 1 PDF (click to download)

Issue 1 – December 2015

Back in August, we put out a call for bold, short fiction. Unlike most prose journals, we set the word count for Flight Journal submissions at no more than 2500, recognising the power of brevity. We were inundated with submissions and choosing stories for issue one was no easy task. We think the variety and quality of work included, both in form and content, will make for a glorious debut issue.

Alienation seems to be the thread that unites and also separates these seven stories. Michael Wynne’s ‘Yours, Always’, is a lyrically stunning story, told in tightly crafted sections, about loss and desire, while Jay Merill’s ‘Vanishing Acts’ roots us in the mind of a mother in a care home suffering from dementia. ‘The Price’ by Ehud Sela captures the psychologically wearing effects of insomnia, while ‘Horn Torus’ by A.S. Arthur (the most experimental of the bunch) loses the reader in a black hole of nothingness, both through subject matter and style. From alienation, we switch to the nature of relationship, which can be just as lonely: a brother and sister have lost their parents to double suicide in Thomas Stewart’s ‘Mania’; a husband and wife escape a war torn country only to suffer more hardship in Ruvimbo Kuuzabuwe’s ‘Not Today’, and a young boy’s budding adolescence starts to set him apart from the rest of the family in Catherine McNamara’s ‘Yann at Night’.

As well as short stories, Flight Journal features an interview with the writer May-Lan Tan. Interviewing May-Lan seemed fitting. If there’s one book that has united us in adoration this year, it’s Tan’s excellent debut collection of short stories, Things to Make and Break. Unsurprisingly, she was a great pleasure to interview.

We hope you enjoy the first issue of Flight Journal and we also look forward to seeing how it evolves.

Jennifer, Len and Sanya