Hello writers,

Thank you for your interest in writing for the fourth edition of Flight Journal.

The theme for this journal is SPACE(S) – take that to mean whatever you like. We see SPACE(S) as an amalgamation of ‘space’ and its plural, ‘spaces’. We see ‘space’ as an area that is free or unoccupied; the dimensions within which all things exist within. ‘Space’ also includes outer space, the universe, the transcendental and ethereal and everything in between.

We also see ‘spaces’ as the places that we occupy, that we inhabit and call home. That we are pushed out of and turned away from. ‘Spaces’ reminds us of the world that we as people have to navigate through each day. However, you may interpret space(s) as something completely different, and that is absolutely fine.

For this edition of Flight Journal we are looking for short stories of up to 2,000 words. We are particularly interested in writers from London, but great writing can come from anywhere so please do submit your writing no matter where you are from.

To enter your story there is a fee of £3, with a maximum entry of three stories allowed. This will go towards the production of the journal.

Writers of the top 5 stories will receive a prize of £50, as well as access to a Spread the Word writing workshop or event in 2017 (subject to availability).
The winner of this group will also receive one year’s membership to Spread the Word’s London Writers Network,  as well as a goody bag of free books.

How to submit

Submissions are now closed. Thank you for all your contributions. We will be in touch with the writers who submitted. If you are interested, please explore the rest of our website and enjoy the previous Flight Journal issues.


The Flight Journal is the brainchild of Spread The Word’s Flight 1000 Associate scheme. This year’s short story fiction will be selected by the editors: Remi -Lyn Browne, JJ Bola and Henry Brefo